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We wanted YOU To be one of the first to hear about a new era in Team Building and Fun Days at The Heart of England.

We’ve expanded our team and opened a new sales office to meet the growing demand for team-building and fun day activities. We’re dedicated to enhancing overall team wellness and have integrated diversity and inclusion into all our activities. From customised events to new packages and individual activities, we cater for all ages, abilities, and skills.


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Crystal Dome

An opportunity for teams to enhance their skills and enjoy the thrill of tackling obstacles in the ultimate challenge of conquering the Dome



Showcase your team’s creativity and innovation with exciting challenges, engaging games, and rewarding tasks, showing celebrities how it’s done

Open Air Wellness

With 160 acres comprising fields, woodlands, and lakes, this is the ultimate sanctuary for you and your associates.

Our 25,000 square feet conference and events facility provides the perfect setting for team-building exercises, workshops, and gatherings.

Immerse yourself in the invigorating countryside air and revitalize both
your mind and body

Why Corporate Festival Themed Fun Days are highly sought-after by clients at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre.

FABULOUS corporate festival themed fun dayS!

Hosting a corporate festival themed fun day with a focus on inclusivity, neurodiversity, and outdoor settings such as parks, woodlands, and watersides can offer numerous benefits

Festival at The Heart of England



Inclusivity and Diversity

Creating an event that is welcoming to people of all backgrounds, abilities, and neurodiversities fosters a sense of community and belonging. It ensures that everyone, regardless of their differences, can participate and enjoy the festivities together.



Promotes Social Interaction

Outdoor settings provide ample space for people to mingle, interact, and engage in activities together. This can encourage networking among colleagues helping to build stronger relationships both within and outside the workplace.

team building


Enhanced Well-being

Being outdoors in natural environments has been linked to improved mental and physical health. Fresh air, sunlight, and green spaces can reduce stress, boost mood, and increase overall well-being for attendees of all ages.


Engaging Activities

A festival-themed family fun day offers a wide range of activities and entertainment suitable for diverse interests and preferences. From live music and performances to sports, games, and arts and crafts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.



Educational Opportunities

Incorporating educational elements into the event, such as workshops, demonstrations, or interactive exhibits, can provide valuable learning experiences for attendees of all ages. This could include environmental conservation initiatives, cultural awareness activities, or STEM-focused workshops.

activities at Heart


Celebrates Diversity

A corporate festival themed family fun day provides an opportunity to celebrate the diverse backgrounds, talents, and cultures within the company and the community at large. It’s a chance to showcase and appreciate different perspectives and traditions in a festive and inclusive atmosphere.

Festival at The Heart of England


Accessible Facilities

When planning the event, ensuring that facilities and amenities are accessible to all attendees, including those with mobility challenges or sensory sensitivities, demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and makes the experience enjoyable for everyone.

blue train


Connects with Nature

Being surrounded by nature in outdoor settings can encourage mindfulness and connection with the environment. Activities like nature walks, birdwatching, or simply enjoying the scenery can promote a sense of peace and appreciation for the natural world.



Promotes Team Building

For corporate events, a family fun day in an outdoor setting can serve as a unique opportunity for team building and bonding among colleagues and their families. Participating in activities together fosters camaraderie and strengthens interpersonal relationships within the workplace.

Team Building


Memorable Experience

Overall, hosting a corporate festival themed family fun day in a scenic outdoor location provides a memorable experience for attendees. It creates lasting memories, strengthens community ties, and reinforces positive associations with the company or organization hosting the event.



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Top-Notch Service

Customer Feedback from Doosan Bobcat EMEA

We are a Construction Machinery company, so for us the Heart of England Conference and Events Centres location is ideal. Centre of the country, so accessible to dealers from GB. Local airports, Birmingham and East Midlands. The grounds allow us to test and use our machines (digging, lifting, moving). There is accommodation, conference rooms, the Boat House is great for Service Training.

We worked together with Lucia to tailor a schedule for what were two events on successive days with different scopes. Her patience with the ever-changing requirements was admirable. A pleasure to deal with.

Every staff member went out of their way. One particular member even offered some of our guests lifts to a nearby hotel when they couldn’t find Taxis (it was late, and due to the size of our group, we also had to use a nearby hotel).

The food was great! Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and a Gala Dinner, I really can’t sing his praises high enough. For our training session lunch, the chef prepared a meat pie, and on the pastry, he added our brand’s logo and name, a lovely touch and the pie was fantastic.

All the little requests made, be it diesel, funnels, or signs, were all satisfied with a smile. It really was like being at home. The site is non-standard; it’s quirky, which makes it unique. For our needs, especially the machine testing, it is ideal.

Please pass on my thanks to all the staff, bar, kitchen, cleaners, reception, and top-notch service from everyone.

Doosan Bobcat training at The Heart of England

Early Christmas Bonus

Early Christmas Bonus for the Sales Team.

We’ve experienced a surge in enquiries over the last few years. As a result, we’ve expanded our team and added space to the main offices to accommodate the increased demand. The new, state-of-the-art sales office has opened and the new team are in.

Stephen Hammon, the Managing Director and Owner of The Heart of England expressed his excitement regarding the high volume of enquiries they have been receiving and his pride in his team for their tireless efforts in providing quotes and conducting show rounds and briefings. The most popular types of events requested are festival-styled fun days, team building, conferences, exhibitions, and product launches, according to the observed trend.

The Sales Team work hard and with the festive season upon us and the increased demand with Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party bookings along with Santa’s Grotto on top of the day-to-day corporate enquiries, I felt the office had become a tad cramped for the number of staff we have. I surprised them with the news that I planned to extend their offices and promised to complete it all by Christmas. They were understandably excited and thrilled when we broke ground some months ago and I am delighted to say, we are ahead of schedule so as a little Christmas bonus, they have now moved into their brand new, spacious, and very modern offices!

Heart of England new office

We are always on the lookout for talented, enthusiastic people to join the team. If you or someone you know has skills and a background in corporate events, please get in touch by emailing
We would be happy to hear from you. You never know, your Christmas bonus this year could be a new job with an exciting, creative and forward-thinking established business!

Heart of England new sales office

Fun days and festivals in high demand!

Fun Days and Festivals

Festival-themed corporate fun days are in high demand.

We’ve seen a notable increase in inquiries and bookings for business gatherings and festivals. This news is wonderful because we firmly believe that bringing people outside to the beautiful Heart of England estate in Coventry can benefit their well-being. Studies have demonstrated that spending time in wide open outdoor spaces with lakes, trees, and plenty of room to explore can have a positive impact on general health.

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Well it’s been a while in the making but it’s finally here…our brand new website. It’s been a challenge to say the least, we offer so many services from a conference to a childs party and everything in between so bringing all that to one website has been a headscratch for all of us but we think we’re there. Let us know what you think. Hopefully you should find what you’re looking for within 2 clicks but let us know if there is something you can’t find. It will help us improve the site and in turn help you find what you need quickly.